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Fifty-eight years Yatam Muleya groups his cattle together in his property before nightfall in Simuchimbu village, Choma district, southern Zambia on October 10, 2012. Yatam has been assisted by the government of Zambia and through the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) Fund Smallholder Livestock Investment Project, which is designed to help revitalize the smallholder mixed-farming system that was devastated by cattle diseases in the 1990s. The project works to reduce the incidence of the two main cattle diseases and strengthen national capacities for disease control. It also re-establishes and restocks poor smallholder farmers who lost their cattle to disease. The overall aims of the project are to increase crop production, food security and incomes for poor small-scale farmers by restoring their access to draught animals and allowing them to expand the amount of land they can cultivate. The assistance from IFAD has been very good because when the animals get vaccinated the chances are that they will not die from diseases.” Yatam said.

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